Google Panda 4, and blocking your CSS & JS

August 19th, 2014 | admin

Google recently introduced the Panda 4.0 update. As a result, certain sites lost more than 50% of their search traffic because of the update. However, their initial position in search results was restored once the traffic returned.

Most companies make huge investments in creating quality content for their brand or products. They disseminate lots of news each day that focus on quality and ensuring their site looks good. All these efforts are designed to promote good Search metrics. With the introduction of Google Panda, most companies were not aware of its implications, practicalities and benefits. As a result, there are several things you should know about it:

Fetch as Google’s relation to Google Panda

A new feature called fetch and render was also introduced within Google’s Webmaster Tools. You should keep in mind that if Google is unable to render the CSS and JS, it cannot determine where the ads on your page are.

Google uses page layout algorithms to determine how many ads you have. It pays close attention to the number of ads you have above the fold. If yours are too many, it could end up hurting your rankings, which is not a good thing.

In the past, blocking your CSS was considered to be an easy way of avoiding search ranking issues. This is why Google introduced the Panda 4.o update as introduced. It allows for the removal of such blocks.

Remarkable resurrection

By unblocking Google from spidering your CSS and JS, you can return all of your keywords. Most people currently face the same problem with their own website. This is one of the main reasons why Google Panda is so important.

Don’t block your CSS & JS

According to a report done by search engine experts, it was recommended that you ensure your Googlebot can access any embedded resource that can meaningfully contribute to your websites visible content or its layout.

Panda 4.0: Google’s Still Gunning For Low Quality Web Pages

August 19th, 2014 | admin

In their drive to improve the quality of web pages Google introduced panda 4.0. This was effective since May 20th. Since then many websites have lost their Google rankings where they have lost traffic and sales which has made the websites rank poorly in the Google rankings. The Panda 4.0 uses several factors to judge a website and rank it lowly or highly basing on a given factor.

The latest change to Google’s algorithm

Panda 4.0 is among the latest changes that Google has introduced to judge websites that are low in quality and impose different penalties on them. For you to avoid the penalties which will really affect your website performance you need to hire the best Philadelphia SEO services providers who will advise you appropriately. Google started introducing Panda changes from February 2011 and since then many websites have been affected by the punishments. In case you have a website that has been affected contacting the best Philadelphia SEO service and web design service company will be the best idea for you to embrace.

Aggregator sites rank lower after Panda 4.0

Websites owners who do not write their own contents, the aggregate websites are the one that has been affected more by Panda 4.0. They include websites such as news site such as those that deal with celebrity and gossip issues, price comparison sites, weather portals and forums which publish content from other sources have been affected greatly by the Panda because Google consider them posting content that has already been published somewhere else.

What are the characteristics of a high quality web page?

  • The characteristics of a quality web page include the following characteristics:
  • The information contained in the webpage should be trusted.
  • The content contained in the website should be relevant to the keywords that people search for.
  • The content should offer comprehensive explanation of the topic.
  • The web page should have quality content as compared to other pages available.

How does Google differentiate high from low quality?

For you to easily understand how Google differentiate quality content from low quality content you need to get a quote from Philadelphia’s top SEO service providers who will offer you necessary information. Some of the factors that Google consider include presence of images on the web page, matching of the keywords used, site speed, how other web pages have linked to the page, spelling mistakes on the page and return rate of the users. After you consider these factors you will easily beat the best Philadelphia SEO services hands down.

Google panda Update: Things You Should Know

August 19th, 2014 | admin

Google panda update is here and it affects all sites. This is the change in Google search algorithm that aims to promote sites with high quality content and bringing down the rank of sites with low quality content. Since it was released, hundreds of sites have been terribly affected. There is a rumor that there is nothing a site can do to get back its former traffic and ranking. Prevention is always better than cure. Here are the things that you should do to avoid judgment from Google panda;

1. Remove low quality content from your site

Get rid of all auto generated content that is in your site. This can be achieved by preventing indexing of low quality content that can lower your site’s ranking. Don’t allow the low quality content to bring down the rank of the whole site. Duplicate content, short articles, overlapping articles, articles with spelling and factual errors etc. are considered as low quality content.

2. Create unique content

If you want to have a good ranking on Google, you have no choice but create content that is unique. You should not copy other people’s content.

3. Focus on creating an authority site

Concentrate on creating a site that will be trusted and seen as an authority in the topic it is about. Google will give the site a better rank only if it has authoritative links. Therefore, an authoritative site is not only good in the eyes of the readers but in the ‘eyes’ of Google too.

4. Maintain a health advertising ratio

You have to restrain yourself from placing too many ads in your site. Keep your ads to a healthy ratio. Place ads to your site with attitude. This will not only be good for Google panda but for your readers as well.

5. Keep track of panda updates

Change in Google algorithms can really affect your traffic. When you notice a huge drop in traffic, then you have probably been hit by Google panda update. The only way to prevent this is by recognizing and tracking panda updates.


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