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Anegundi is on the picturesque banks of the mighty Tungabhadra river in Karnataka and is identified as the capital of the mythical kingdom of Kishkinda mentioned in the Ramayana.
Due to its universal historical value, Hampi, the cradle city of the glorious Vijayanagara Empire falls in the core zone of the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1986. The site was declared endangered in 1999.
Anegundi has a longer history than the Hampi-Vijayanagara imperial complex and dates back to the 3rd century BC, to the time of the emperor Ashoka.
It was already a well established town when the Vijayanagara kingdom was founded in the middle of the 14th century.

It continued to be a major settlement after the catastrophe of 1565, and has remained the seat of the Devaraya dynasty, which survives to the present day.


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An area of unusual and astonishing beauty and wilderness, it is home to several rare and endangered species of birds, animals and plants. The geological base of this area is the Deccan Plateau, whose unique rocky appearance has been created by three thousand million years of erosion.
The region is one of the oldest plateaus on earth and was one of the first regions to solidify when the planet was still in a liquid state. Remains of Neolithic dolmans have been found in this region and several representations of Neolithic art have also been discovered in local caves.

The present population of Anegundi is 2867. Traditionally, the village has depended on agriculture.

Anegundi's architectural heritage is still relatively unspoiled and an inspiring landscape makes it not only a historical heritage site, but a living, natural one. The village consists of several ancient temples and temple complexes. As the village has been continuously inhabited since the tenth century, temples and local dwellings represent a simple but refined style of rural architecture predating the Vijayanagara era. Today, there are more examples of vernacular architecture in the village than there are modern urban structures

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